Sandton at dawn

Over the last 10 years the Sandton skyline has changed dramatically, and it is still changing. There are some very unique buildings and this makes it a popular stop for architectural photographers.

Our photography group decided to do an early morning shoot from the Sandton City Shopping mall roof. I had not been there before, because if I had, I would’ve known to take a small ladder with to stand on. The wall is quite high and most tripods won’t get your camera high enough to photograph an unobstructed view. So getting good pre-dawn photos was impossible that morning.

Never-the-less it was an interesting morning and we were able to get quite a few interesting photographs.

Later on most of us met for breakfast or coffee downstairs in the mall. Now a strange thing about malls is that they do not allow you to photograph in the mall with your camera. If spotted trying to take a photo, Security will normally approach you and tell you that you are not allowed to photograph the mall. But… and this is the strange part, you can snap away with your smartphone without a problem. So the interior photos were taken with a smartphone.

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