Getting around Cape Town

My Citi Bus ride in the morning in Cape Town

Getting around Cape Town is very easy if you use the My Citi bus system. It is integrated with google maps, so finding the correct bus was a breeze. And if we weren’t totally sure of which bus to take, people around us were quick to offer advice.

The bus stations were clean and tidy. We never had to wait too long for a bus, and during peak times, if one bus was too full, another bus would come along pretty soon after that. What a pleasure to use this transport system. The longest trip we took was from Table view all the way to Hout Bay.

The only problem is that the routes don’t cover all of the Cape Town area, but at least enough to get you to most places like the V & A Waterfront and Hout Bay.

Crowded My Citi Bus
During peak times the My Citi buses can be quite crowded.
My Citi Bus interior
Even during off peak times, the My Citi buses are utilised and make travelling around Cape Town a pleasure.
My Citi bus station
One of the My Citi bus stations in Cape Town
View from inside the My Citi Bus in Cape Town
View from inside the My Citi Bus in Cape Town
My Citi Buses
My Citi Buses


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